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Fluorinated Heterocycles By Andrei Gakh
[Image: rGtr89pN_o.png]

2009 | 360 Pages | ISBN: 084126953X | PDF | 50 MB

"This is the first book in its class solely devoted to fluorinated heterocyclic compounds. It encompasses all aspects of chemistry and applications of fluoroheterocycles including synthesis, biological activity studies, development of PET radiopharmaceuticals, structural NMR research, computational chemistry and many other critical areas. The book covers all major classes of heterocycles (azoles, azines, heteroalicyclic compounds, fused systems) as well as all popular fluorine-containing fragments (C-F, N-F, CF2 CF3, OCF3, SF5). Particular attention was given to modern synthetic methods including metallocomplex catalysis and combinatorial chemistry, as applied to the chemistry of fluorinated heterocyclic compounds." "The breadth of topics together with the in depth treatment given to each topic will make this book a valuable resource for chemists of many disciplines."--BOOK JACKET.